Women's Hormone Therapy

Female Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy for women works on treating various symptoms that occur naturally with age. Our team can help alleviate these symptoms by using HRT to bring your hormones to proper levels. Even if you’re a healthy woman, multiple hormones can impact your health if you compare it to men. Menopause is one of those unavoidable processes that can impact your hormone levels.

While HRT is a great treatment, it’s not for everyone. The use of bioidentical hormones minimizes the risks that surround traditional estrogen and progesterone HRT. To make sure this treatment is for you, our experts at Infinite Vitality will sit down with you and evaluate if this treatment is right for you.

Are You A Good Candidate For HRT?

Any female over the age of 30 who may be experiencing the following symptoms you could be a good candidate:

inability to lose weight

loss of motivation

Decreased sexual DRIVE

Decreased energy

Mood changes

We will typically take a blood sample to assess your levels and to check if the levels are lower than normal.

Female Hormone Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance can occur when there is too much or not enough hormone in the bloodstream. Hormones play an essential role in the body, so even the smallest imbalance can cause problems within the body. Our team of experts will determine the best route of treatment based on your body.


Female Hormone Replacement Benefits

Hormone replacement therapy for female helps address hormonal imbalances so you can get back to living your best life. The benefits can include:

Higher energy levels

Improved cognitive function

Renewed sex drive

Weight loss and fat reduction

Improved immune function

Symptoms Of Female Hormone Imbalance

A variety of symptoms can occur in women when they’re experiencing hormone imbalance:

Hormone replacement therapy is performed in a variety of ways:


Subcutaneous Implants


Treatment takes minimal time and recovery isn’t extensive. You will be able to go home the same day as your treatment and continue with normal activities.

Female Hormone Replacement Therapy FAQ's

Hormone replacement therapy is an ongoing treatment that helps restore your hormones back to their optimal levels. We recommend continuing treatment on an individualized schedule to help combat symptoms of aging including

  • Low energy levels
  • Decreased libido 
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Heart disease progression
  • Osteoporosis
  • Mental deterioration

It is important to understand that you can stop bioidentical hormone replacement therapy at any time you choose, but you may start to notice the signs of aging return over time.

To put it simply, hormone replacement therapy is not commonly studied by all medical professionals.  This type of care requires specialized training that is done outside of almost every medical school. 

Doctors are often trained to find diseases and treat those diseases with drugs created by big pharma.  Many doctors think that synthetic non-bioidentical hormones are the same as bioidentical hormones and that they have limited value.  

Specialists, even some endocrinologists, don’t truly understand the powerful effects of BIOIDENTICAL hormone replacement and optimization. 

Unfortunately, because of this lack of knowledge, many people worldwide are left in the dark and aren’t exposed to the unbelievable power of BIOIDENTICAL hormone replacement.

Normal or “within range” does not necessarily mean “healthy” or “optimal”.  It’s important to note – the ranges for almost any hormone tested is a range of average people who are of similar age and gender. Many of these ranges are quite vast.  Average people are not usually that healthy and most do not feel optimal despite their ranges being “normal”.  

Oftentimes, if a patient is in a normal range of bloodwork, many healthcare professionals automatically assume the individual is fine and they move on to the next patient.  This is not the best practice when surveying hormone levels because there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to this type of medicine.  

In all actuality, “normal” for you may be different than normal for the next person. That is why we must tailor our care to each specific patient;  we must cater to the symptoms they feel and the numbers they have instead of basing care on bloodwork numbers alone.

Research indicates that in order to feel optimal, patients need to be closer to the levels that were present in the mid-20’s.  Who doesn’t want to feel like that again?

We are well aware that prices can be a deterrent for this form of healthcare.  If needed, hormone replacement therapy can range anywhere from $25 a month to $300 a month.  

Costs can vary is based on the following: 

  • What the patient needs
  • What they want to focus on once they find out what their symptoms are
  • What the bloodwork metrics are telling them
  • The type of provider they have

How much is feeling and looking younger worth?  We know it’s priceless!  

We know that people want to use their health insurance when dealing with any and all healthcare expenses.  

Unfortunately, to do bioidentical hormone replacement/optimization correctly for the patient, the traditional insurance billing, coding, and reimbursement process does not work. Most of the time, the patient would end up being stuck with the bill, and the clinic billing for BHRT would have a host of issues with the insurance companies.

These issues can be bypassed without the hassle of going through the insurance companies.

Feeling better depends on the person, the hormones needed, the hormones taken, and so many other factors.  We have had patients that have started care that felt better within days and we’ve had patients that it took 5-6 months.  For some the change is so gradual they didn’t realize they felt better until they stopped therapy. In turn, patients got back on treatments as soon as they noticed how bad they felt before starting care.  

Understand that hormone depletion doesn’t happen overnight and it can take time to get everything balanced back out and where it needs to be to feel the full effects of optimum hormone levels.

Synthetic non-bioidentical hormones can cause cancer when taken for long periods.  Hormones, when in balance and at healthy levels, do not cause cancer. They have actually been shown to prevent cancer in many instances. 

Hormone replacement can be administered in several different ways.  We utilize specific delivery methods for specific hormones based on what the patient needs and what they can tolerate.  

  • Testosterone can be administered through an injectable, cream, or pellet. We usually start men on injection or pellet and women on cream or pellet.  
  • Estrogen can be administered through a pill, cream or pellet. We usually start with cream or pellet.  Progesterone can be administered through cream or pill. We usually start with a pill at night.  
  • Thyroid is usually administered in a pill in the morning. 
  • DHEA can be administered through a cream or pill. We usually use a pill.

There are several different over-the-counter herbs and vitamins that can possibly provide a small boost in hormone production. 

However, very few of these products can restore hormone levels back to optimal once those levels begin to decline due to the aging process.  Nothing has been scientifically proven to be effective enough to move the needle to get people the long-term results they really want – not even the well-market supplements you see in TV commercials.

When estrogen is out of balance with progesterone, cellular growth can occur. That is why one should almost never take estrogen without progesterone.

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