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Achieve Flawless Skin with Lumecca IPL

Are sunspots making you feel older? Are you still struggling to cover up old acne scars? If you answered yes to either question, you’ll be glad that you found us. At Infinite Vitality, we’re here to help you achieve the flawless skin you’ve always dreamed of through non-invasive procedures like Lumecca IPL.

What is IPL?

IPL is an intense pulsed light therapy that has been used in anti-aging treatments due to its effectiveness in targeting multiple signs of aging at the same time. The treatments emit a broad spectrum of light that selectively targets melanin and stimulates collagen production without damaging any of the surrounding tissue. As a result, the treatment is safe and convenient for many people who are seeking anti-aging solutions for their skin.

IPL treatments have grown in popularity because they are a non-invasive alternative to other cosmetic surgeries. There is no downtime associated with IPL procedures, and when spaced appropriately, a series of IPL treatments can lead to long-lasting results.

IPL Lumecca

What is Lumecca IPL?

Lumecca is an IPL device designed by InMode for skin rejuvenation, and it targets tricky hyperpigmentation caused by age spots, sun damage, vascular lesions, rosacea, and more. Lumecca IPL is currently one of the most powerful IPL treatments available in the aesthetic field, and it is proven to provide results more effectively than chemical peels or other radical skin treatments. Though it is most commonly used to treat the face, it can also be used on the neck, decolletage, and hands.

The Benefits of Lumecca

While there are other treatment options available, many patients seeking to improve pigmentation results choose Lumecca IPL. This procedure stands out because it offers several benefits. The following are just a few reasons to choose Lumecca:

Non-Invasive Treatment

Effective for All Skin Tones

More Comfortable Than Other IPL Treatments

Smooths Skin Texture

Rejuvenates & Revitalizes Skin

Resolves Pigmentation Concerns

What to Expect from a Lumecca IPL Treatment

When you come in for your first Lumecca IPL treatment, you will be provided protective eyewear. Our technician will also prepare your skin by applying a cold gel to your face. From there, we use the Lumecca handheld device to go over the treatment area.

As the device passes over the skin, it applies wavelengths of IPL. These penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin to destroy and break pigmented cells into tiny particles.

The majority of patients who seek this treatment do not find it to be painful. Instead, it can best be described as the feeling of a tiny rubber band snapping the skin when the light flashes. On average, you can expect the whole procedure to take about 20 minutes per session.

What Conditions Can Lumecca IPL Be Used to Treat?

At Infinite Vitality, we use our Lumecca IPL treatments to help patients with a variety of skin conditions, including:

Sun Damage

Age Spots

Vascular Lesions




Acne Scarring

Broken Blood Vessels


Who Should Not Use Lumecca IPL?

Lumecca IPL treatments are not recommended for people who may be:

  • Pregnant and/or Breastfeeding
  • Using or Have Used Accutane in the Last 6 Months
  • Taking Medications That Increases Sunlight Sensitivity
  • Suffering from Light-Induced Seizure Disorders
  • Actively Treating Wounds in the Desired Treatment area

Schedule a Free Consultation with Infinite Vitality to Learn More About Lumecca IPL

Are you interested in learning more about how Lumecca IPL can help you achieve flawless skin? If so, reach out to our professionals at Infinite Vitality! We are happy to provide you with answers to your questions so that you can make informed decisions about your treatments.

To schedule a consultation with our aesthetics professionals, call us at 618.486.1888. We also have a simple online form that you can submit to request an appointment.

FAQs About Lumecca IPL

In order to achieve long-lasting results, most patients will need to undergo Lumecca maintenance treatments. These are usually done anywhere from six to 12 months after you have completed your initial treatment.
The answer to this question depends on a few different factors, but Lumecca requires fewer treatments than other types of IPL treatments. While some might be able to achieve their ideal results in just one session, others may have to undergo multiple treatments in order to achieve the results they desire. You can discuss your specific needs and goals at a consultation to determine the number of treatments you’ll need.
If you are undergoing multiple Lumecca IPL sessions, it’s recommended that you space them out every 3-4 weeks.
It’s recommended that you keep your skin moisturized with a healing/recovery serum to create a protective barrier. This may make it difficult to apply any makeup. However, it is generally considered safe to apply makeup 24 hours following the treatment. If there is any redness or swelling, wait until it dissipates before applying makeup or other topical products.
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